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At Thai Art Tattoo, our goal is to establish a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere where clients and artists can collaborate to produce authentic, high-quality tattoo art in a variety of forms. We strive to provide exceptional service and honesty to both our clients and artists, ensuring that each person feels comfortable and inspired throughout the tattoo creation process. To fulfill this mission, we invest in the latest equipment and techniques to facilitate the creation of the best tattoos possible, regardless of style. Our ultimate objective is for clients to leave our studio with tattoos that they can be proud of for many years to come.

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Our Location

Koh Tao, an enchanting island also recognized as “Turtle Island,” is a small but striking island situated in the Gulf of Thailand. It lies in close proximity to the renowned tourist destinations of Koh Samui and Koh Phangan. The island’s allure is due to its crystal-clear waters, white sandy beaches, and stunning coral reefs, making it a well-liked destination for diving, snorkeling, and island hopping. The history of Koh Tao dates back to the late 1800s, when Chinese and Malay fishermen were the first settlers on the island. The name “Turtle Island” was given to it due to the numerous sea turtles that inhabit the waters surrounding the island.

Koh Tao is a small island, covering only 21 square kilometers and situated about 70 kilometers from the mainland. The island is part of the Chumphon Archipelago and comprises of two primary bays, Sairee and Chalok Baan. It is also home to two small villages, Mae Haad and Sairee, which contribute to the island’s unique character and cultural significance.

Koh Tao’s natural beauty and rich marine life have made it a popular destination for tourists seeking a serene and peaceful atmosphere away from the bustling city life. The island’s coral reefs, which are teeming with colorful marine life, are a diver’s paradise, and the island offers a plethora of diving courses and certifications for beginners and professionals alike. Apart from diving, visitors can enjoy other outdoor activities on the island, such as kayaking, rock climbing, hiking, and beach hopping. The island is also a popular spot for yoga retreats, and many yoga studios offer classes in serene locations overlooking the sea.

Koh Tao’s nightlife is relatively laid-back, with beach bars and restaurants offering a relaxed and tranquil atmosphere. However, the island does have a few nightclubs and bars for those seeking a more lively atmosphere. Overall, Koh Tao’s charm lies in its natural beauty, tranquil environment, and friendly locals. The island’s small size and relaxed atmosphere make it a perfect destination for those looking for a peaceful getaway from the stresses of everyday life.

Getting To Koh Tao

Taking the Bus / Ferry to Koh Tao


The most convenient way to reach Koh Tao is by taking a flight to the neighboring island of Koh Samui and then hopping onto a ferry to Koh Tao. Ferries run frequently between the two islands and take approximately 1.5 hours to complete the journey. The ferry ride offers a stunning view of the Gulf of Thailand and is an excellent way to experience the beauty of the region.

Visitors can also reach Koh Tao by taking a bus or train to Chumphon, a town located on the mainland of Thailand, and then catching a ferry to the island. The ferry ride from Chumphon to Koh Tao takes about two hours and offers a scenic view of the sea and the surrounding islands. Once on the island, visitors can explore the island on foot, bicycle, or scooter. Taxis and long-tail boats are also available for hire. The island’s small size makes it easy to get around and discover all the attractions it has to offer.

Overall, getting to Koh Tao is relatively easy and offers visitors an opportunity to experience the beauty of the Gulf of Thailand and the Chumphon Archipelago. The island’s charm and tranquility make it a must-visit destination for those seeking a peaceful and serene getaway.

Train/Bus/Ferry to Koh Tao


Another way to travel to Koh Tao is by train, which is an affordable and convenient option. This route is a popular choice among tourists, and many have had positive experiences while traveling by train. Taking a sleeper train is a great way to save money on accommodation as it also serves as a mode of transportation.

The night trains to Chumphon, the nearest town to Koh Tao, depart from Hua Lamphong train station in Bangkok. It is advisable to book a combo ticket that includes both the train and ferry tickets as it often includes a free transfer from the train station to the pier provided by the boat operator. This makes it easy for travelers to get from the train to the ferry without any hassle.

The sleeper train provides a comfortable and relaxing journey, and visitors can enjoy the picturesque scenery of the countryside as they make their way towards Chumphon. The train ride takes approximately 8-10 hours, depending on the departure time and the train’s schedule. Once in Chumphon, visitors can board a ferry to Koh Tao, which takes about two hours to reach the island.

Flying to Koh Tao


For those who prefer to travel by air, there are two options for reaching Koh Tao. The first option is to book a flight from Suvarnabhumi Airport, which operates five times a week. The second option is to book a flight from Don Mueang International Airport to Chumphon, which operates daily. Both airports offer taxi services to the train station, which is the gateway to the island.

After arriving at the train station, visitors can board a ferry to Koh Tao, which takes about two hours to reach the island. It is recommended to book flights in advance to secure the best deals, as prices tend to increase as the travel date approaches.

Traveling by air to Koh Tao is a convenient option for those who are short on time and want to reach the island quickly. It also offers a comfortable mode of transportation for those who are not fond of long-distance train journeys. While it may be a more expensive option compared to traveling by train, it is still affordable and provides an opportunity to experience the beauty of the Gulf of Thailand from above.

Overall, there are various options for reaching Koh Tao, each offering a unique experience of Thailand’s natural beauty and cultural heritage. Whether by train, ferry, or air, visitors are sure to have an unforgettable experience on this charming and serene island.


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"Amazing tattoo shop. Fantastic artists, quality tattoos and at a very reasonable price. I got two tattoos from them already (one machine and the other bamboo). Would highly recommend! Can't wait to get another one from them!"
Amelie de Buyl Pisco
"Best place to do tattoos. Great artists bamboo or machine and every style.

They are lovely guys, passioned tattoo artist, they are love what they doing. Recommended 1000%"
Georgios Mitropoulos
"Awesome place if your in the mood for a bamboo tattoo on Koh Tao. Master tattooist. Great clean lines, attention to detail and placement as well as clean and hygenic. Went swimming the day after andtattoo healed after two days. Thanks guys will be coming back!"
Margot Colley

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